We didn’t build our reputation by talking about fly fishing. Our travel team went fishing first. We did more than learn where to go. We figured out the best way to get there, when to arrive for the best fishing, and what to use. The more we went, the more we learned. Then came the reputation, for accurate, honest, and expert angling travel advice.

In the early years we were often crossing distant angling horizons by ourselves. In Belize, Chile, Tierra del Fuego, Kamchatka and dozens of other fresh and saltwater spots on the fly fishing map, we were alone. We felt then, and know now, we were leading the way. When we weren’t the first ones to new water, we were first to figure out the tides, the right flies, and the answers to questions that would make our clientele more successful in their journeys.

After thirty-six years of travelling the globe, searching for great fly fishing, our travel team has a wealth of knowledge and a reputation that is unparalleled in the world of angling travel.

Put all that to work for you!

Pat Pendergast

Director of International Travel

T h e   F l y   S h o p ,   I n c.
4140 Churn Creek Road
Redding, California 96002
(800) 669-3474 / (530) 222-3555 Fax: (530) 222-3572
e-mail: travel@theflyshop.com / web: www.theflyshop.com


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